What is Diversity & Inclusion?

Without a working definition, it's nearly impossible to develop achievable goals, a strategic plan, measures of success, and tangible actions as a team. This is a place to start. 


                        Our Definitions:

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Diversity is quantitative. It’s the composition of plurality at your office, the people represented in your marketing campaign, the attendees in your program.

(Diversity without inclusion is tokenism.)

Inclusion is the quality of your constituents' experience of being fully seen and heard, coupled with your method/design by which you invite and sustain authentic connection to them.  

(Inclusion without diversity is similar people with similar stakes, feeling included.) 

D&I is a long game, not a one-in-done. 

Diversity & Inclusion work is not passive. It's relational, not transactional. It's an opportunity to create more human centered and workable business practices, rather than a problem to be solved and disappeared. In fact, there's no one size fits all solution to Diversity & Inclusion. D&I relates to every single person that your organization touches, not just the underrepresented communities and markets. Doing D&I work is a commitment that necessitates the buy-in from the top down, and from the bottom up. It must be baked into your core business practices, into every single member of your constituency.