Project Inkblot collaborated with WE NYC (Women Entrepreneurs NYC) the first government initiative in a major American city to address the needs of underserved women entrepreneurs. By providing free resources - including programs, mentorship opportunities, and access to community events - WE NYC’s goal is to serve a minimum of 5,000 women entrepreneurs in the next five years by supporting and encouraging the growth of economically viable and sustainable businesses.  

Campaign Goal

WE NYC's goal was to create a strong social media presence to aid in impacting 5000 women entrepreneurs in NYC over the course of their campaign by introducing aspiring and/or dedicated women entrepreneurs (particularly women of color, low income and/or immigrant women to WE NYC’s mission), community events, and forthcoming programs, as well as to build a substantial community of 1000 women by the first quarter of program launch. 

Strategic Plan

Tasked with WE NYC's big level goals, Project Inkblot aided with the following: 

  1. Brand Voice/Brand Identity - Created an authentic brand voice that was relatable, community focused, supportive, and inspiring to WE NYC's target demographics: women of color and immigrant women. 

  2. Outreach Strategy - Created a comprehensive outreach strategy and plan to connect with existing entrepreneurial communities in New York City, including CBOs, cultural organizations, and and variety of other communities specifically relevant to women of color and immigrant women.

  3. Editorial Strategy & Content Creation - Developed a thorough week-by-week editorial calendar and execution plan focused on resource sharing, WE NYC program roll-out, and general information about women's entrepreneurship, beneficial to the online community. 

Our Results

Project Inkblot fulfilled upon WE NYC's mission of reaching underserved women entrepreneurs based on a three-pronged approach: access our personal network of women entrepreneurs, as well as partner communities and organizations; galvanize this already existing community through media and carefully curate a diverse group of women to profile.

  1. Member Size Doubled - Within a week of starting the WE NYC Facebook group, Project Inkblot brought over 1,000 members. At the completion of the three and a half month contract, membership had reached over 2,000 active and engaged members, double their goal.

  2. High Quality Original Content - Project Inkblot art directed and produced original photo essays and documentary style videos profiling women entrepreneurs for our original series, "Women Entrepreneur Wednesdays"

  3. Crowdsourced Media - Hand selected and interviewed over 25 women entrepreneurs in NYC across various ages, races and disciplines for our crowd-sourced weekly photo and video series

  4. High Value Online Resources - Researched, curated, and created a weekly editorial calendar outlining pertinent information and resources in the form of articles, videos, and community events designed to support the members in gaining and leverage skills as business owners

  5. Thriving Online Community - Successfully moderated and managed the Facebook group

WE NYC Photo and Video Gallery 

Nadira El Khang - Owner of NadiraBag

Mita Carriman - Founder of Adventurely

Cameca Bacchus - Owner of Creations by Cameca

WE NYC Gallery of Featured Entrepreneurs