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“We hired Project Inkblot for program design and speaker outreach for our three-city national launch. They brought in impressive speakers using their personal networks and selected diversely experienced entrepreneurs who provided immense value to our participants.” 

Beth Janson

Founding Director, Rent the Runway Foundation

“The Brooklyn Museum brought in Project Inkblot to co-create the content for the debut of our live series, “Power Shift: Becoming an Artist Entrepreneur.” Project Inkblot collaborated with us to design the event, brought in the headline speaker and led their interactive original workshop for artist entrepreneurs to a sold-out crowd.”

Alicia Jean-Noel

Senior Manager of Adult Programming Brooklyn Museum

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Project Inkblot helped Women Entrepreneurs NYC (WE NYC) develop a voice. They helped generate interest such that over 2,000 women joined the group within three months...they also worked with other artists and individuals to create beautiful videos and photos for the WE NYC group.”

Elyssa White

Deputy Director of WE NYC, NYC Dept. of Small Business Services

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