Founded in 2008, fashion and tech giant, Rent the Runway is an online retail service that allows users to rent high-end designer dresses and accessories at a discounted rate. Founders, Jennifer Hyman and Jenn Fleiss, recently launched Project Entrepreneur, their non-profit foundation created to support women entrepreneurs in launching successful and sustainable companies.

Project Inkblot teamed up with Project Entrepreneur for their kick off events; three distinct national Summits in New York City, Austin, TX and Washington, DC. Each event was designed to host various workshops around entrepreneurship, from the basics of building a business to more high-level topics such as securing venture capitalists. The summits were created for attendees to leave with actionable and tangible tools as well as connect with fellow aspiring and established women entrepreneurs.

Project Goal

Project Entrepreneur is on a mission to break through the traditional barriers in women's paths and democratize the knowledge and resources necessary for them to build impactful ventures that deliver economic impact. Their three-city flagship summits serve to bring prominent female entrepreneurs and educators to provide in-person training, inspiration and networking opportunities to up to 600 women in a live setting. 

Strategic Plan

  1. Book Influential Women Entrepreneurs - Project Inkblot strategized a comprehensive outreach plan to connect with influential communities of women entrepreneurs to select the ideal facilitators and keynote speakers, in line with Rent the Runway's promise to deliver top-notch women entrepreneurs as speakers. 

  2. Program Unique/Valuable Event Experiences - Project Inkblot curated an intentional line-up of women representing a diversity of occupations, experiences, and backgrounds, ensuring that the events stood out as inclusive, memorable and relatable to women engaging in Rent the Runway Foundation's future programming. 

  3. Develop Original Program Content - Project Inkblot developed program outlines for facilitators to provide the greatest value to participants. 


  1. Stellar Line Up - Project Inkblot worked with over 20 high-profile entrepreneurs from Katia Beauchamp, co-founder of popular beauty subscription service Birchbox, to Jodie Patterson co-founder of online retail store, DooBop, for the Project Entrepreneur Summits.

  2. High Impact Programming - Using our existing network as well as Rent the Runway’s, we co-created the curriculum for each workshop, designing a hands-on, grounded approach intended to leave participants inspired and in action on their business.

  3. Diversity - Project Inkblot focused on curating a diverse line-up; from representing various cultural backgrounds, education levels, industries and personal stories to encourage the type of event where all participants could see themselves represented.

  4. Successfully Executed Events - The Summits were a success; our NYC kick-off events boasted 200 participants with only three weeks of lead time with overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants.


"I’ve never been to an event for women entrepreneurs that has been this diverse and helpful for my business." 

- Summit Participant