What do you mean by “diversity is a design process?”

Diversity doesn’t just happen. The impact of thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion, or not, in your design process influences everything from the ideation to the execution of your plan. Every one of these touch points are subject to human bias. Therefore our design process has you examine: how you design your services and products, who is designing it, what it’s being designed for and who it’s being designed for.  

Who can use the Design for Diversity™ framework?

Everyone! Design for Diversity™(D4D) is a framework that anyone can learn. Input any project: work, personal or otherwise and use it to illuminate potential biases at every human touchpoint. Using D4D surfaces important cultural blind spots before they impact the quality of your work, or jeopardize your brand.

What types of companies do you work with?

We work with companies that truly committed (time/money/resources/leadership buy-in) to DEI, and are not sure what to do next. Maybe you’ve done an implicit bias workshop and are now asking, “now what?”. Maybe your company set forth a lofty public commitment toward DEI efforts, but you’re overwhelmed about where to begin. We can rock with that!

We’re not in the business of convincing people or defending the importance of DEI. There are a plethora of resources out there that prove the business case, moral imperative, and global shift. If your company doesn’t yet get it, we’re just not the right partner for you right now.

If I’m trained to Design for Diversity™, will I be able to easily teach my team and colleagues?

Yes. The framework is easy to use and adopt for any project. Teaching your team and colleagues is simple. Practicing it, and avoiding defaulting to business-as-usual takes dedication, accountability and hard work! We recommend undergoing the training with your team to ensure accountability, and to create more sustainable results.

If my company just made a big public booboo, can you help?

If you are looking for a crisis management PR firm to clean up your mistake, that’s not what we offer. However, if your company is interested in doing the deep work of transforming your day-to-day business processes to Design for Diversity™from the onset, and prevent ever having these crises, let’s work together!

My company is having a hard time hiring/retaining POC. Is this something you can support us in? 

We don’t directly do recruitment/staffing work centered on D&I. However, if you need us to facilitate your team through an ideation, strategy & design process to create an internal program that addresses the root cause, we’re down! Doing that work illuminates exactly what expertise you’ll need next, and we have some fabulous partners that we’ll link you up with. That enables us to create effective and sustainable solutions sourced by your team, which absolutely will impact retention. 

We don’t have any POC or women at our creative agency, and our client is launching a product for WOC. Can you help?

If you’re looking for us as WOC to leverage your credibility with your client, but have no plans for us to be leaders on the project, that is not Designing for Diversity™, and therefore we are not the right partners for you. 

If you intend on bringing us into the core team, to lead from the authentic vantage points of being of the communities your client is trying to reach (which is Designing for Diversity™), let’s work together!

We’re an unfunded D&I committee at a startup. We’re organizing a speaker series, but don't have a budget. Can we book you? 

Unfortunately we cannot provide free labor, but DEI folks are often expected to do so! What we frequently see is passionate and dedicated folks (like you) running DEI committees at their companies (for free), when they already have other jobs. Without the full commitment and buy-in of top leadership, DEI committees often are expected to "fix" the diversity problem, without the infrastructure or authority that would initiate company-wide transformation. We often see this leading to burnout, resentment, and high turnover (which ironically is why companies urgently need to address DEI). We believe that pro bono work feeds into lip service and not a true commitment to change. We see you and acknowledge your hard work, and we urge you to have your leadership put their money where their mouth is. 

Do you speak at conferences, provide keynotes, or teach workshops?

Yes, yes and yes. If you are considering us, please note that we make it as interactive as possible, so participants can be part of the conversation. We Design for Diversity™everywhere, so even our talks account for different learning styles. Count on us not to just stop at inspiration, but provide tangible takeaways that produce change.

Didn’t see your burning question answered? Please reach out. We’re friendly :)