b*free is a forthcoming, independently owned weekend intensive for new and seasoned entrepreneurs started by Nita Baum, founder of Alight Consulting. Taking an integrated approach, B*Free approaches the art of being a successful freelancer as a combination of being aligned with your purpose as well as learning the tools to develop and execute  a successful business development strategy. Currently in the development stage, B*Free hired a team of working entrepreneurs to create curriculum and facilitate various modules related to their expertise. Project Inkblot was hired to create and facilitate a workshop for the B*Free intensive.

The Challenge

  • Create a 2.5 hour module on passion and purpose as it relates to entrepreneurship
  • Create engaging, hands-on curriculum across various mediums that result in actionable tools and take-aways for participants
  • Create a workshop aligned with the other modules and ensure it fits into the overall mission and messaging of the entire curriculum

The Result

  • Project Inkblot created an engaging, multi-media 2.5 hour workshop for B*Free participants around the topic of passion and purpose ranging from written exercises to facilitating lively discussion groups
  • Collaborating with the founder of B*Free, Project Inkblot focused on workshop flow, timeline, content and created original workshop activities and exercises
  • Using their diverse network, Project Inkblot brought in additional entrepreneurs and facilitators to join the B*Free community allowing them to build and create workshops of their own